Seminari permanent “Përthyerje antropologjike”

21 Nëntor, 2018 Njoftime

Departamenti i Etnologjisë (IAKSA) në bashkëpunim me Bibliotekën Kombëtare njofton për takimin e radhës të seminarit permanent “Përthyerje antropologjike”, në datë 23 nëntor 2018, ora 17:00, në mjediset e Bibliotekës Kombëtare. E ftuar, dr. Federica Pompejano,e cila do të mbajë ligjëratën me temë: “Albanian Traditional Architecture. Traditional timber roofs of Gjirokastër, Albania”.

Ligjërata do të mbahet në gjuhën angleze.

Brief abstract:

The first Albanian studies on traditional architecture have been carried out during the Communist Regime focusing the attention on the typological classification of rural and urban traditional architecture examples while pointing out the common and distinct characteristics enclosed in every type belonging to diverse geographical areas. However, the attention of the IMK’s experts on traditional architecture omitted to deepen the technological aspects of its traditional wooden roof typology and related possible roof frameworks, especially in urban contexts such as, for instance, the one of the museum-city of Gjirokastër. The presentation aims at introducing the result of 5 years long research that targeted the traditional roof building techniques in Albania. The thesis to be presented approaches the protection of the Albanian architectural heritage issue, through a critical review of its legislative framework chronology and development, strictly connected to the recent historic past of the country and the challenges of the present time.